High-school graduate

- born in Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia
- already at 6 years first violin lessons
- multiple award winner of the Yugoslavian federal competitions (for the first time at the age of 8 )
- 1969 to 1977 student of the music school Josip Slavenski with the teacher Eri Janos in Novi Sad
- 1977 to 1981 student of the secondary music school "Isidior Bajic" in Novi Sad with the professor Jovan Furman
- 1985 graduated with honors from the Academy of Music in Zagreb
- Orchestra musican at the opera in Zagreb
- further studies with Szenasi Karoly, Novi Sad
- Masterclasses with Henryk Szering in Geneva and Nathan Milstein in Bern
- 1988 bis 1990 degree program "Artistic Reifeprüfung" at the Music Academy in Cologne
- Orchestra musician with the Duisburger Philharmoniker and Deustche Oper am Rhein
- Since 1992 teacher of violin at the music school of Hassloch
- further masterclasses with Prof. Yfrah Neaman, London and Prof. Simon Standag, London for Baroque violin
- Chamber music with internationally renowned artists such as:
Prof. Rene Marino Rivero from Montevideo / Uruguay
Wulfin Lieske from Cologne
Edin Karamazov from Croatia
Roby Lakatos from Hungary
- Since 1995 a large number of compositions in chamber music, in various vocals and instrumenal ensembles
- Participant in major international music festivals, among others in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Zagreb and Madrid as well as a festival concert in the Hessian state parliament. Other concerts, among others in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia
- numerous radio, television and CD recordings among others for EMI Elektrola "Legendary recordings of the Tango Story" (CD No.724347840029)

The press: "Istvan Kuruc is an ambassador of the soulful violin sound." (The Rheinpfalz, 25.08.2001. by Gerd Kowa).
- End of September 2016., ceremony in Berlin, present Chancellor Angela Merkel, Federal President OD. Horst Kohler with his wife, Rita Sussmuth, Bundestag President OD., Claudia Roth, Bodo Ramelow. Among others quote from Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Thank you very much for the very beautiful music."

As a pedagogue it is very important to me to guide my students back to the origin of the music, to strengthen their love for it, to let the music heal their own souls and to touch the hearts of other people