The Devil's Violinist

The devil's violonist ...

As far as I can remember, the music has always been there in my life.

Very often my parents listened to classical music on an old radio, especially Hungarian "gipsy music" (music of the Roma and Sinti). As a child my father learned violin, my mother had a beautiful voice and loved to sing and dance. Both grandfathers were professional musicians, one played viola, the other double bass. Their parents were also professional musicians and so it goes on through six or seven generations.

At the age of six I started to learn the violin in the music school "Josip Slavenski". My first teacher Eri János was a wonderful person and strengthened my love of music. He lived in a village and invited me to play music on Sundays; Meanwhile, his wife cooked soup and Sunday roast for us.

My father taught me several Hungarian songs, which I played to neighbors and relatives for Christmas and Easter. These were my first appearances and got a lot of money for playing! This was followed by class preludes, concerts, competitions and radio recordings.

Very early on I got the reputation of being a "devil's violinist", which I gladly accepted as praise, but always wanted to play well.

I'm always ready for humorous and unusual occupations, , for e.g. Duo with tuba or drums, of course with matching costumes!

Under the pseudonym "Rajkiss" I made a Gypsy & Pop recording. A big global company was very interested in this project first, but shortly thereafter something similar came out with Nigel Kennedy ...

with Roby Lakatos (2nd from the right)