Charlie Chaplin

"Hommage à Charlie Chaplin"

After the successful tours in Italy and Croatia, in which the public and the press were equally enthusiastic, the international "Charlie the 2ndTrio" will have several appearances in Germany. The great resemblance to Charlie Chaplin and the exceptional artistic quality of the team ensure intense laughter muscle massage! Involvement of the audience in the program, as well as Charlie's (from London) light-looking high performance acrobatics, hold your breath.
The two thoroughbred musicians Istvan on the violin and Sasa (from Croatia) on guitar play film music by Charlie Chaplin, beautiful and well-known melodies and also spirited ways he liked to hear!

In short: a wonderful entertainment for any age !!!

Charlie Chaplin Hommage on Youtube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Cover of video cassette